the integrity of natural objects and processes

desacelerar, hair, plant, verganklikheid, eggshell, långsamt, aeglustada, tregere, încetini, suletinti, wood, fruiting, kefanaan, catkin, treg, zpomal, head, krótkotrwalosc, umbella, reed, melambatkan, spomal, desacelerar, rock, moteldu, epßade, capsule, geçicilik, egg, fungi, lassíts, nutshell, memperlambat, jonqos, excrement, sand, padtta, stipe, toadstool, skeleton, përkohshmëri, spike, bud, nut, resin, pebble-stone, seedhead, feather, fruit, pelt, fugacité, transitoriedade, stem, bone, celeritas celeritas , usporiti, transitorietà, ngadalësojnë, nodule, seed, bark, lento, mulandóság, fungus, stone, hidasta, leaf, root, gall, vertoef, lichen


ruurd van der noord

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every concept arises from the equation of unequal things

just as it is certain that one leaf is never totally the same as another, so it is certain that the concept “leaf” is formed by arbitrarily discarding these individual differences and by forgetting the distinguishing aspects. this awakens the idea that, in addition to the leaves, there exists in nature the “leaf”: the original model according to which all the leaves were perhaps woven, sketched, measured, colored, curled, and painted, but by incompetent hands, so that no specimen has turned out to be a correct, trustworthy, and faithful likeness of the original model.

every word immediately becomes a concept, insofar as it is not intended to serve as a reminder of the unique and wholly individualized original experience to which it owes its birth, but must at the same time fit innumerable, more or less similar cases which means, strictly speaking, never equal in other words, a lot of unequal cases.

über wahrheit und lüge im außermoralischen sinn - 1873

friedrich nietzsche (1844-1900)

only in inidividuality there is life; and all inidividuality rests on a dark ground, which, however, must also be the ground of cognition.

philosophische untersuchungen über das wesen der menschlichen freiheit - 1809

friedrich von schelling (1775-1854)

ruurd van der noord


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長角果 sulėtinti cáscarade-huevo catkin jonqos 雜草 簧片 pebble-stone wolno ombelle hueso  hueso  brindille زهرة 纖維 mud  mud  semilla éponge amento ريشة छाल moule petal 조로 corteza toadstool  toadstool  الطين skeleton enbref-bref भंगुरता base-de-fleurs  base-de-fleurs  lyhytaikaisuus पुंकेसर bone الفاكهة flor 軟體動物 حبلة sapo verganklikheid पत्थर funicle मलमूत्र paléa ناپایداری cáscara धीमा 種子 लकड़ी بابوس palēnināt intertwined 木材 ضفدع 水果 برعم حصاة حجر kefanaan البراز 鹅卵石  鹅卵石  преходност serpiente बुराघास 烏賊骨 عظم cuttlebone tarda boue bud másdespacio الجوز रज्जु चादर rana मेंढक 羽毛 insecte galet toad  toad  décortiquer बाल stamen लिफाफा spomaľ 花卉基地 seed रोलर कीचड़ قشر hair ورقة 卵石 bourgeon




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